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The client is an Israeli health-care provider who offers multi-specialty therapy for chronic disorders. They approached Infomaze to create a healthcare report management system to diagnosis reports by collecting parameters from various medical equipment and transferring them straight to an app used by the doctor.

The Requirement :

A smartphone application that can interface with diagnostic tools used by medical experts, such as ECG, CAT, MRI, and CT scanners, was required. The produced reports should be transmitted immediately to the application of the healthcare providers for examination and continuation of therapy.

Additionally, the program has to offer classified administration choices and separate logins for physicians and patients.


The customer had difficulty manually documenting the device data after each diagnostic for various patients. Due to the large number of experts and patients managed by the hospital, the process was time-consuming and prone to mistakes.

Post-diagnosis, the reports are handwritten or created by a token printing machine and separated before being sent to the physicians. The process was becoming harder due to the large amount of data and the large number of patients.

The customer desired a more efficient and automated approach to assist healthcare providers in receiving direct reports from medical equipment and reviewing and sharing the information with their patients. This IoT solution for healthcare will improve reporting system accuracy, doctor-patient communication, and, ultimately, user experience.

The Solution:

A tailored, secure IoT management configuration, as well as a management application to handle patient information. The reporting management is automated with this IoT setup, giving improved surveillance of the patient’s health.

Netnest enabled the client in harnessing the full potential of IoT by establishing secure connectivity between medical equipment and the application, allowing healthcare practitioners to examine the data immediately upon diagnosis.

Many instruments in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) require distinct connection channels to perform properly. The reports were necessary in real-time to aid the patients on an urgent basis. A sophisticated Bluetooth connection protocol enables the gadget to deliver notifications directly to approved clinicians upon diagnosis.

After the diagnostic is complete, the gadget provides real-time information to the application. This would allow healthcare experts to evaluate the data and communicate with patients about future treatments.

Our approach to developing a bespoke solution for our customer aided in bridging the gap between effective real-time communication and data management. The physicians could see the outcomes in real time. The healthcare experts were able to monitor the findings and make important judgments. Patients also got immediate access to their medical records.

Our solution also featured a secure cloud storage system for storing all user data in one location and making it available as needed.



Technologies used :


With a special IoT development solution, the Netnest development team improved the healthcare report management system and optimized user experience.

Real-time reporting: The application modified the way healthcare professionals could access real-time reports.

Enhanced patient monitoring system: Critical data was made promptly available to physicians, reducing decision-making time.

We configured the gadget to send fast notifications to healthcare experts in the event of an emergency.

Data accuracy: Since the information is transferred directly to the handheld device of the healthcare provider, data accuracy has improved.

When the system gets online, the offline database stores all of the medical information and sends it to the approved server, who then sends it to the patient.

Ultimately, the healthcare team’s current data management system benefited more from our team’s IoT solution. The time-consuming medical report management system procedure was streamlined by this IoT configuration.


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