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Case: The challenge client wanted to solve.

Consider the difficulties that would arise if no milestones for agile project development were established! Or if the difficulties encountered or progress achieved were never documented.

Consequently, the development process would be chaotic and sluggish, wasting valuable time and other important resources.

While we have project management approaches to handle this, doing it the old-fashioned way with sessions after sessions may not be as productive.

Debating the concerns but never actually coming up with a resolution plan, extensively discussing the resolution plan, or delaying development due to delayed follow-ups or challenges across departments all have a negative impact on the project’s progress.


The Goal: To Create Custom Project Management Software

The client required customized project management software to manage the current challenges while also making it simple for their end-users to implement an agile framework.

Following a discussion of our client’s ultimate goals, we began about building an application that effectively met our client’s requirements with the help of our high-end web app development services.


Customer: A Project Management Professional

The client wanted to develop a bespoke project management software to streamline the managing process and further outsource the solution to the end-users because they worked with the management of six sigma, lean, or lean six sigma agile projects as a management consultant and corporate coach.


The Requirement: Custom Project Management Software

  • The client needed customised project management software with separate software tools to handle various phases of a project.
  • Whether it be for efficiency of the project, overcoming hurdles, successfully carrying out tasks, or monitoring and monitoring each phase.
  • A content management system for dynamically promoting the customized project management software and generating leads.



The Solution:

Our professionals worked on the custom – project management software development at the client’s request and created a project management solution that includes three integrated software apps.


The three software applications, each possessing its very own purpose, are as follows:

  •  An application for goal achievers :  With this app, anyone can define actionable objectives, monitor their performance, and identify any problem factors that slowed progress toward the goals.
  •  A Solution Finding Tool :  Any problems that have been identified as delaying the achievement of the objectives may be recorded here, along with the solutions used. To solve issues more quickly, one might speed up the process by escalating any delays.
  • Application for action Planning : Oversee the implementation of action plans to meet project goals using an adequate agile methodology, such as Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban. Identify the challenges encountered while implementing the project and keep note of the measures taken to rectify the concerns.


The end-user can use the discussed programs separately (independently), or all or two of them simultaneously.
The end-user might choose and grant selective access to their workforce, or they could delegate access to the application to another stakeholder.
We adapted WordPress, a PHP-based content management system, to build an interactive website with excellent UI/UX, contact forms, and other features. We also supported the mobile responsiveness and optimized it for various web browsers.

Technologies used : PHP Web Development

Our PHP experts, who the customer engaged, have extensive experience with numerous PHP frameworks and used Cake PHP, Symfony, Codeignitor, and Core PHP to create a bespoke PHP framework.

A PHP-based content management system for designing a dynamic website with an excellent user experience and user interface.

The Result : As a result, the Custom – Project Management Software was successfully implemented.

Through the project management tool we provided, the customer was enabled to provide effective project management consulting services using our web app development services.


End-users could track, manage, and follow up on Goals, issues, and actions with separate software apps in real-time, significantly reducing communication gaps.


Each software application module enhanced end-user performance efficiency tenfold.

The customer could provide successful time management using independent software applications if every impediment, whether in performing tasks, goals, or fixing difficulties, was addressed promptly.

The admin can selectively provide real-time updates of the Goals, Actions, and Problem-solving to team members and project coordinators, maintaining information sensitivity.

As a result of the benefits provided by the project management solution to end users, the client enhanced their loyal client base, ROI, and profit margin.

We worked on an efficient content management system that assisted the customer in expanding their brand’s worldwide reach, acquiring leads and prospects organically, and increasing their clientele.

Overall, the client was pleased with the PHP web development that we provided and is excited to expand the functionality of the software apps through our web app development services in the near future.




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